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Truck Driving School

Virtually everything, at one time or another, is moved by a truck. Trucks transport almost everything we eat, wear, use, or need from origin to final destination. The needs of families, farms, business, industry, the medical community, government, and education are served by trucks. Professional truck drivers are essential to our nation's economy. More than eight million Americans work in the trucking industry, including drivers, dock workers, dispatchers, safety directors, administrative support, and sales personnel.

Many truck driver training schools focus on teaching their students to pass the driver skills test. At ABC, we believe there is more to being a professional truck driver than just passing the road skills test. Our instructors focus on equipping student drivers with the knowledge and skills required to become safe and responsible drivers in the professional trucking industry.

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If you are considering a career as a Professional Truck Driver, but have little or no experience, our Advanced Truck Driver Training Course is for you. This comprehensive truck driver training program includes classroom, lab, range, behind-the-wheel instruction and independent study.

Training begins in the classroom, focusing on the basics of the trucking industry and preparation for obtaining your Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP). Classroom instruction also introduces students to vehicle familiarization, basic systems, Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, defensive driving, trip planning, map reading, logbook instruction, and more. Our one-of-a-kind classroom curriculum is designed to accommodate the diverse learning styles of our students. Our instructors combine their wealth of knowledge and experience with a variety of technology and teaching styles to make classroom learning enjoyable and meaningful. Our curriculum is regularly updated to include changes in industry standards, FMCSR regulations, new technologies, driver and safety issues, etc.

The independent study segment allows each student to reinforce classroom instruction and study at their own pace. Lab and Range instruction offers a hands-on learning experience. Lab instruction will cover vehicle familiarization, vehicle inspection, coupling and uncoupling, blind spot awareness, space management, etc. Range instruction will include shifting, forward and backing maneuvers, alley docking, and more. (Instructors always stress the importance of safety in and around vehicles and skills area). Upon successful completion of the Lab and Range program, students will advance to the On-road skills training. On-road instruction will consist of urban, city, rural, and interstate driving. During this time, each student will have the opportunity to observe and practice real life driving experiences in the big rig. After completion of our training program, you will need to pass the State of Michigan Skills Test (Michigan Residents ONLY) to obtain your CDL License.

Students enrolling in this three-week course will receive:

160 +/- hours of extensive instruction:
check  Home Study
check  Lab
check  Range
check  Over-The-Road

Tuition includes:
check  Drug Screening
check  Required course text books & learning materials
check  One Class A CDL Road Skills Test with our truck

Graduates receive:
check  Program Completion Certificate
check  Official Transcript
check  Lifetime Job Search Assistance (for graduates remaining in good standing)
check  Resume writing, interview skills, and job searching consultations and
      workshops through JCC's Employment Services Department

Tuition: $3995.00

Admission Requirements

Students must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for an intrastate or 21 years of age for an interstate commercial driver's license. Students are required to meet all Federal Driver Qualification Standards as outlined in 49CFR Part 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Students must abide by student rules and requirements as explained the first training session.
CDL Training Contract
Truck Driver Training Schedule
Advanced Truck Driver Student Application
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