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Bob Wilkinson

I have known Tom and Janet Gamet, owners of ABC Testing and Training, for at least twenty years, both personally and professionally. Together, they have made their business very successful. Both are extremely dedicated to turning out safe and well trained drivers. Tom worked for me at East Jackson Community Schools as a CDL tester when I ran a testing agency there. His attention to detail is beyond reproach. Tom and Janet also each worked as outstanding school bus drivers under my supervision.

Knowing them personally has allowed me to witness their outstanding family values of being hard working, dedicated, caring, and trustworthy. All of these values shine through in their job performance as well.

I truly believe that Tom and Janet Gamet would be a good addition to anyone's staff and/or program.

Terry Bumpus

Hey Scott,

Again I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. I just got back from the East Coast from my first run. What a blast!

I was supposed to be with my trainer for two weeks, but after doing so well, they are turning me loose on my own. I will be getting my own truck on May 30th and off I go again!

My trainer was so impressed with my skills and the training you gave me. He said he would recommend ABC Training and Testing to anyone.

He said he has never turned someone loose by themselves after only four days, but your training helped so much... it is happening to me!

Wow, I can't believe how much fun I am having! Again thank you so much for everything.